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Neharika Joshi

Neharika Joshi

Software Engineer/Crocheter
Experience : 1.5years

Hey there, I’m Neha, a self-proclaimed crochet enthusiast who stumbled into this colorful world of yarn and hooks during the wild rollercoaster that was the pandemic lockdown. Yep, you guessed it right—I owe my crochet skills to my badass aunties who decided that keeping our hands busy was the ultimate survival strategy.

Now, I’m not claiming to be the next crochet prodigy, but I’ve managed to whip up quite a collection of cozy creations. Bags? Oh yeah, I’ve got a bunch in all shapes and sizes. Need a stylish handwarmer to battle the chilly days? I’ve got your fingers covered. Legwarmers? You betcha, because who said legs don’t deserve to be cozy too? And let’s not forget the ultimate challenge—sweaters. Some might call them wonky, but I prefer to think of them as uniquely handmade with a touch of character.

Crochet, for me, is more than just looping yarn—it’s a form of therapy that kept me sane during those long months when the world felt like it had turned topsy-turvy. The satisfaction of turning a simple skein of yarn into a functional masterpiece is a feeling like no other. Plus, unraveling a knot in both yarn and life? Let’s just say I’ve become an expert in both realms.

When I’m not tangling myself in yarn (literally), you can find me exploring local craft stores for that one shade of blue I’m convinced I need for my next project or binge-watching crochet tutorials like they’re the latest binge-worthy TV series.

So, if you’re into handcrafted goodies that are equal parts love and slightly wonky charm, you’ve stumbled upon the right crocheter. Stick around, because who knows what yarn-tangled adventures we’ll unravel together next!

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