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Sabina Gainju

Sabina Gainju

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I am passionate, self- motivated knitter from Bhaktapur. I offer great designs of knitted piece that can make my and your day. Designs can be customized with colors and accessories.


Knitting as a Passion:
Knitting always have been passion evolved through hobby. Firstly, I was fascinated by the great design of knitted cover of Puja Thali, a special plate made of brass used for worshiping God and Goddess, made by my mother. Back then, every household had such beautiful piece and there my hobby found me. Not only the Thali covers but I intended make pieces that resembled the childhood memories and youth’s liking. I knit variety of designs such as Ice-creams, donuts, penguin, sunflower and turn them into cute little key rings to hang on to bags, keys amd many more. I do this on my spare time to keep myself motivated, occupied as well as creative and now I try to make my knitting hobby into freelance.

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