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Crochet Earring Hanger


A mushroom-shaped crocheted earring hanger blends whimsy and functionality. Crafted with skillful crochet techniques, this charming accessory features a cap-shaped top with intricate stitches resembling mushroom gills. The stalk serves as a vertical display for earrings, creating a visually appealing and organized storage solution. The soft yarn or thread used adds a touch of warmth, making it a delightful handmade accent for any space. With its unique design, the mushroom-shaped earring hanger offers a playful and stylish way to showcase and access your earring collection.



  • Creator: Saru Gautam

Our Maker

Saru Thapa

Saru Gautam

Cute red headed mushroom for your earrings to get hanged when they are not hanged in your ears!

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